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Blood sugar balance

Jan 9, 2021 | health, sports

If I had a penny for every study or topic boasting a new conclusion to how our bodies respond to food stimuli, I’d have oodles of pennies.

Studies are done for a reason. To prove or disprove theories according to the times we live in.

The most basic component of food  the calorie, is simply a unit of energy. In nutrition, calories refer to the energy people obtain from the food and drink they consume and the energy they expend in physical activity.

Calories are listed in the nutritional information on all food packaging.

It wasn’t until 2007 when nutrition facts labelling became mandatory in Canada. For the first time since it’s introduction on packaged foods, manufacturers now have until July of 2021 to comply with the new changes which (only recently) include sugars breakdown, added micronutrients – vitamin D and potassium, serving size where total calories within it are bolder and larger.

Here’s my favourite  FAT. The number of calories from fat has been removed entirely.

This is because research is showing that the type of fat consumed may be more important than the amount. Music to my ears!

The total amount of fat, as well as the grams of trans and saturated fats, are still listed on the updated label.

Vitamins A and C are no longer required to be listed on the new nutrition facts label since both of these vitamins are found in a variety of food sources and deficiencies in these micronutrients are now uncommon.

A Daily Value percentage has been added for sugars to help consumers determine whether a food contains a little or a lot of sugar, so they can adjust their sugar intake.

In my practice, working with clients on their blood sugar balance with foods is an incredibly important part of their health journey. Whether weight loss, type 2 diabetes management which can lead to improvement of it entirely, energy regain, better sleep, libido and balancing of hormones, the management of sugars are crucial.

Note that these sugars I mention aren’t referencing the sweet items which a nutrition label identifies typically with sweets which most of you are tempted to reach for before bedtime (possibly the worst time to awaken your sweet tooth I might add). With the right education, clients understand that their blood sugar swing in response to certain foods impacts all of the above symptoms tremendously. We are by nature creatures of habit and with the wrong habits come consequences which can negatively impact our health.

Here are the following attributes of a balanced body: weight loss, ideal blood pressure, ideal cholesterol levels, hormones in check, libido reawakens, energy boost, more restful sleep, and mental acuity with only positive thoughts towards your goals on a daily basis.

The metabolic balance one can achieve by keeping a watchful eye on their digestion is key. And just when you might be thinking that being educated on metabolism in your body might seem overwhelming, research for decades has been proving that food compounds can exacerbate conditions or calm them in the body according to each individual’s blood chemistry. That’s right, a custom-designed nutrition fit for you, just like having a wardrobe suited to your shape and gender. Now foods can be determined by how they affect each individual based on blood chemistry  another tool I’ve added to my practice at Wellnessessity Inc. based on current requirements of my clientele. Here’s another example to prove that nutrition science evolves and uncovers a wealth of new information constantly. The coaching aspect of this model is key of course, thereby making the glycemic load a tool even more popular in conveying how digestion, metabolism and balance is achieved.

So, tonight when your eyes shut for at least a few hours, realize that your body is preparing for its ritual of fat burning, systems reset and powering you back up for your next day. That is, if you ate your last meal according to what it required for these functions to happen.

Could this be the year you’ve decided to take the plunge for the last time for your health and stick to it? Food science is real and very much crucial to an outcome which can be maintained for years to come.

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