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Over the years, Shana has been asked to offer valuable insight towards the latest hot topics in nutrition and health.
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phone showing hormone search
Natural hormone balance

Feeling tired, cranky, anxious or any other undesirables? It’s possible your hormones may be swinging left and right including up and down.

Originally posted February 14, 2018 on The Stouffville Review

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2 hands 1 holding strawberries high 2nd holding sweets low
Don’t sugar coat it

While sugar and spice make everything nice, after 31 days of December indulgence, it’s most likely the last ingredient we want to think about in our New Year. When it comes to sugar, we have mixed notions of whether it’s okay in moderation, downright poisonous or acceptably sweet as a chemical alternative.

Originally posted December 16, 2017 on The Stouffville Review

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old fashioned scale with health foods on 1 side junk foods on the other side
Do diets work?

Enter the hair-raising, jaw-dropping world of nutrition. From an era of low fat, calorie counting and energy expenditure galore, to today’s trendsetters. Dare we assume that relying on mainstream tidbits of new nutrition information guide us in the right direction for the benefit of our health?

Originally posted November 19, 2017 on The Stouffville Review

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Various Paleo diet products on wooden table, top view
Keep your body in top shape

Nowadays, the word convenience is one we’re all familiar with. As multitaskers in any capacity of life, we generally look and strive to be our optimal best with as little work as possible.

Originally posted October 1, 2017 on The Stouffville Review

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man in grocery store shopping at organic salad bar
Balance vs. Harmony

How often do you find yourself scanning the aisles or produce sections of your favourite grocery store, willing the very item you’re looking for to jump into your hands?

Originally posted July 27, 2017 on The Stouffville Review

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old fashioned red alarm clock standing in coffee beans
When is the best time for a coffee?

To coffee? Or not to coffee?

The percolating question.

Originally posted July 4, 2017 on The Stouffville Review

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fresh fruits and grains
Spectacular seeds

What’s the deal? Seeds of all names seem to be “sprouting” in health media today.

We’re all familiar with chia, flax, pumpkin, pignoli, cashews.. wait! What?!

Yup! It’s true – pine nuts (aka pignoli) are technically seeds.

Originally posted May 26, 2017 on The Stouffville Review

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interesting image of digestive system

There’s a new buzzword floating around the nutrition world right now called Microbiome.

Originally posted April 16, 2017 on The Stouffville Review

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