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4 Week Tweak

(4 Weeks)

When you find yourself opening up the pantry doors and feeling uninspired, you may just be in need of a pantry makeover. This program establishes your quick goals and provides you with relatable materials you’ll need to fast track your success via nutritional education and easy to follow methods towards enjoying your success.

Pre Season 3

(3 Months)

Ideal for those looking to achieve a realistic loss in body fat while allowing a sufficient period time to be educated on specific components of health and nutrition along the way, this program additionally offers insight into how to get fit with minimal core training in the space of your own home once specific target zones are established in conjunction with your clean eating protocol.

Weekly menu protocols are provided

2 Season Reason

(6 Months)

Did you know that muscle development and fat loss are dependent on the very foundation of how you eat and how optimized other systems are in your body? This program is for the client who strives for long term success, by adhering to initial weekly protocols, fine tuning the thought process of eating and clean living while enjoying the benefits of being educated at the same time.

Weekly menu protocols are provided for the first 3 months

365 Alive!

(1 Year)

A commitment towards a lifetime of success and confidence in how your body works for you!

This is the ultimate program for the client who strives for success, thrives on motivation and absorbs information in all capacities health related.

Whether a seasoned 24/7 business or leisure traveller, corporate executive, or stay at home parent, this program gets you on track and keeps you there for your healthiest self moving forward!

60 & Wiser

Let’s face it. The wiser generations of today are more in tune with their bodies than ever! Take charge of your health and compliment your desire for striving to be your best via whole clean living with this program. Did you know that certain medications can rob the body of specific vitamins and minerals which are essential for daily physical activity, social interaction and optimized sleep patterns?

Corporate Lunch N Learns

Shana ignites curiosity and sets the bar for easy explanation of current concise information in the nutrition arena with this corporately tailored program.

While business colleagues take a mid day hourly lunch break, Shana will present one of many topics arranged in advance to speak about, while encouraging healthy discussion and answering general questions to her captive audience.