Shana Daniel

R.H.N. Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Certified Metabolic Balance Coach
Certified Health Coach

Shana’s wealth of experience in the fitness arena, having owned a successful personal training company for women, program director for established well known fitness centres across the GTA, along with teaching dynamic fitness classes to hundreds of participants over the years and menu development in the event management industry, have all come full circle to educating clients with her proven success system through Wellnessessity Inc. Shana leads by example in practicing health at home, is an avid participant in fitness and makes the most of the outdoors with family and friends.

Shana’s ability to motivate, educate and empower her clients allows her clients to feel that they are supported through their health journey. Lowering the risk of heart disease, balancing blood sugar, reducing the need for medication, achieving a more affordable lifestyle as a result of enhanced health over time are all of the many advantages clients of Wellnessessity Inc. receives. Some clients prefer a program for 3 months and others for years. Whatever the goal, you’re invited to schedule a phone call today to learn more about why Wellnessessity is right for you and your lifestyle.

Services of an R.H.N may also be covered by your health benefits plan.

“When your body is in balance, many great changes begin. Optimal health resides within. From intention to action, your accountability to your goals creates success!”

Shana’s known for her enthusiastic personality and passion for health through relatable conversations and employing a reasonable sense of client compliancy through easy to understand approaches in each individual protocol she creates!