As programming director for elite fitness studios within the GTA, combined with a high octane schedule of leading trademarked classes due to their popularity, she then launched her own personal training business. Over the years, Shana soon began noticing the parallels between fitness and nutrition. It was evident that the two co-existed, yet the realization of how vital what went into the body was a direct outcome of how her clients achieved their results. Through mentors and masters in the nutrition and wellness arena, Shana became certified as a health coach. Furthering her career by pushing forward to designation of Registered Holistic Nutritionist has had its advantages for both Shana and her clients.

“When you lead by example and are passionate about helping others, the rest falls into place. Optimal health doesn’t only reside in DOING, but in UNDERSTANDING why you’re doing it in the first place. There’s an incredible connection between the mind and the gut.”

Shana’s known for her enthusiastic personality and passion for health through relatable conversations and employing a reasonable sense of client compliancy through easy to understand approaches in each individual protocol she creates!


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